How do I dispose of my trash, recyclables and yard waste?
For more information, please visit the Solid Waste & Recycling Division page.

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1. How are my taxes determined?
2. How do I dispose of my trash, recyclables and yard waste?
3. How does the Town communicate with residents?
4. How do I get involved with Town Government?
5. How do Community Preservation Act funds (CPA) work in Weston?
6. How do I receive emergency notifications?
7. What is Town Meeting and how does it work?
8. How do I get a permit to put up a sandwich board?
9. How do I get permission to hang a banner in the Town center?
10. How do I get in touch with Weston's Veterans' Services Director?
11. Who do I contact regarding affordable housing in Weston?
12. How do I find information about Green Power Farm?
13. Who do I talk to about a parking ticket that I received?
14. How do I find information about Community Farming?
15. How do I license my dog?
16. How do I properly dispose of my household sharps?
17. How do I run for election for a Town office?
18. How do I obtain an Absentee Ballot Application?
19. How do I petition the Selectmen to put an article on a town meeting warrant?
20. How do I get a One-Day Liquor License?
21. Who do I contact with Consumer Complaints or Mediation Services?
22. How do I obtain a list of Licensed Commercial Dog Walkers?
23. What is the distance around the Town Green?
24. Where can I get a map of the trails in Weston?
25. How do I reach the local cable television studio?
26. How do I register my car or get a driver's license in Massachusetts?
27. What utilities serve homes in Weston?
28. Does public transportation serve Weston?