8. What other steps should Weston take to improve its water system?

Weston should consider requiring a review of all new homes proposed at higher elevations to determine the impact they will have on the capacity of the system to provide water service.  Unlike other towns, Weston does not require the water department to review new development and approve or deny the development based on the system’s hydraulic capacity. 

The Town should consider curtailing any future development until storage can be added to the system to ensure that adequate firefighting capacity is available.

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1. 1. What is the Water Master Plan and what was it designed to do? Should it be updated?
2. 2. Are our water tanks about to fail?
3. 3. What are the priorities that Weston has established to deal with water system infrastructure investment?
4. 4. Can we address the deficiencies of our water system by encouraging Townspeople to conserve water?
5. 5. What is “active storage” and why is it important to the community?
6. 6. What is the condition and expected life of our distribution system? How is the Town budgeting for water pipe replacement?
7. 7. Can we solve our water provision issues using more pumps or using the pumps we have more continuously?
8. 8. What other steps should Weston take to improve its water system?
9. 9. Why should we replace all three of Weston’s water tanks? Do we need three tanks, or could we make two tanks work?