When were traffic counts collected?

The traffic counts were collected in September 2018 when school was in session. The 25% design was submitted in the fall of 2020, and when the traffic analysis was completed (2018-2019) the 2018 traffic count data collected was the most appropriate data to use. During the pandemic, MassDOT issued an Engineering Directive prohibiting new traffic counts to be collected due to the impacts from COVID-19 on the travelling public and directed engineers to use historic data from 2014-2019 whenever possible. New traffic data is only allowed to be collected with approval from MassDOT. This directive is still in place, although it is expected to be lifted soon. 

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1. What is a shared-use path?
2. Why does Route 30 in Weston need a shared-use path?
3. What is the proposed roadway cross-section?
4. Will bicyclists be required to yield or stop at each cross-street or driveway crossing?
5. What happens when the shared-use path ends?
6. How will the shared-use path users be separated from the road?
7. Can bicyclists still choose to ride on the road?
8. Will the shared-use path be ADA compliant?
9. When were traffic counts collected?
10. Where are there proposed traffic signals?
11. Where are there proposed traffic signals?
12. Is it possible for the new signals Winter Street and/or Oak Street) to be set to flashing yellow during off peak hours?
13. Where are there similar shared use path designs (i.e. along the side of a roadway) in Massachusetts?
14. Why has the design changed (from the 2018 Town Meeting)?
15. What are the impacts to trees?
16. What has been the public process to date?