Will it cost me more to dispose of my trash?

The average household should pay about the same amount of money to dispose of its trash under PAYT as under the former permit fee.  The former permit fee for non-senior households for one car was $255 for the year.  (The second sticker cost $45.)  The PAYT Working Group estimates that under PAYT, the average non-senior household will need 66 large bags a year for a total cost of $264 per year. Senior households paid $155 last year for a Transfer Station sticker.  The Working Group  estimates that under PAYT the average senior household will need 35 large bags per year for a total annual cost of $140. 

These numbers assume that an additional 20% of household waste will be diverted into composting, recycling, and re-use. (Composters, take note: composting alone accounts for about 30% of household trash by weight.)  Households that dispose of  less than the average amount of trash will save money under PAYT.  

For recycling and reuse tips, refer to WestonMA.gov/RSW for resources on how to reduce what goes into your trash bag.  Mass DEP’s Recyclopedia is also a useful source of recycling information.

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