What is the hunting program in Weston?

Weston's Conservation Commission permits bow hunting for deer on 14 conservation land and open space properties from October through December 31st, which is in line with the state bow hunting season. Hunters are assigned to the following Conservation Properties: 

  • Blaney Aquifer
  • Case Estates/Chestnut Street Conservation Area
  • Coburn Meadows
  • College Conservation Area
  • Dickson Fields
  • Doublet Hill
  • Highland Forest
  • Jericho Town Forest
  • MWRA’s Norumbega Reservoir
  • Ogilvie Town Forest
  • Old Road
  • Trailside Road
  • Sears Land, or
  • Wellington Farm

Well-seasoned and proficient bow hunters are selected by the Conservation Commission. Hunter selection preference is given to Weston residents, employees, and hunters with demonstrated experience hunting on properties where people and dogs frequent. 

Weston-permitted hunters:

  • must pass a proficiency test
  • have all the necessary licenses and permits from the Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • hunt only from a portable elevated tree stand within specifically designated areas

Per state hunting laws:

  • a 150-foot setback from roads must be observed
  • no hunting within 500-feet of all houses, unless written proximity permission is acquired from homeowners

While hunting:

  • the bow hunter’s range averages 20-yards from the elevated tree stand
  • arrows are aimed down toward the ground
  • the deer must be broad-side and stationary before an ethical shot can be taken

Weston's Hunting Regulations (PDF) complement state regulations, which take precedence.

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