What tree category do you want?

There are two main categories of trees: evergreen and deciduous. 

Evergreen trees keep their leaves and deliver visual interest all year long. They also can shelter your home from frosty winter winds while providing a natural privacy screen to your yard. 

Deciduous trees shed their leaves every year. Even without their leaves, they can provide 4-season interest with their branch structure and bark patterns.  Whether you want flowers, fruits, nuts or glowing fall foliage, there is a native, deciduous tree for you to choose from.

For More Information


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Fun Fact

Weston’s most common species are:

  • Pinus strobus (white pine), 24%
  • Quercus rubra (red oak),13%    
  • Acer rubrum (red maple), 9%
  • Quercus velutina (black oak), 8%
  • Acer platanoides (Norway maple—invasive species), 7%

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