Violations & Penalties

Weston’s parking violations and penalties are as follows (language in italics does not appear on the ticket).

Group A

  • Violations and penalties - Fine: $20
    • Angle parking violation
    • Bus stop violation
    • Not within designated parking area (marked space)
    • Parking on sidewalk
    • Right wheel over 12 inches from curb
    • Taxi stand violation
    • Violation of 2-hour law (parking more than 2 hours where limit is designated - primarily in the town center)
    • Wrong direction parking

Group B

  • Violations and penalties - Fine: $30
    • Failure to leave an unobstructed 10-foot lane for traffic (on each side)
    • Obstructing a driveway
    • Obstructing a posted private road
    • Obstructing a posted traffic control signal
    • Obstructing an intersection (parking within 20 feet)
    • Restricted area
    • Within 10-feet of a fire hydrant
    • Within a crossover
    • Within a crosswalk

Group C

  • Violations and penalties - Fine: $100
    • Handicapped parking violation

Additional Laws

Massachusetts law prohibits parking on state highways, in crosswalks, within 10-feet of a fire hydrant or within 20-feet of an intersection, as well as unauthorized parking in marked Handicapped spaces. Vehicles which violate any of the above regulations may be ticketed. 

Questions may be addressed to the Parking Clerk at Town Hall or to the Weston Police Department.