Weston Bibliography

For the Weston Tercentennial in 2013, the Weston Historical Commission has published A Weston Timeline by Pamela W. Fox, a 46-page color illustrated booklet. To order a copy at a cost of $12 plus $5 shipping and handling, download the Order Form, A Weston Timeline (PDF).

Weston Library
The Local History Room in the Weston Public Library houses books and other items in various formats ranging in scope from audio recordings to zoning maps, from brochures to yearbooks, from cemetery lists to vital records. All of these items pertain in some way to the people and history of Weston, MA.

Historical Society
The Weston Historical Society has an extensive collection of Weston-related materials including books, scrapbooks, ledgers, diaries, art, furniture, small objects, archival materials, and photographs. Archival materials include maps, posters, letters, deeds, bills, and memorabilia including specific collections relating to Weston scouts, the Red Cross, Weston schools, and other topics.

Weston Histories & Other Reference Books
The following bibliography is excerpted from a more extensive bibliography in Farm Town to Suburb: The History and Architecture of Weston, Massachusetts, 1830-1980, by Pamela W. Fox, page 641-42.
  • Bond, Henry, M.D., Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, including Waltham and Weston; to which is Appended The Early History of the Town (Boston: New England Historic-Genealogical Society, 1860)
  • Coburn, Philip, Growing Up in Weston (Waltham: Copigraph Inc, 1981)
  • Conklin, Edwin P., Middlesex County and Its People: A History, vol. I-IV (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company Inc., 1927)
  • Dickson, Brenton H. III, Once Upon a Pung (Boston: Thomas Todd Co, 1963)
  • Dickson, Brenton H. III, Random Recollections (Weston: Nobb Hill Press Inc, 1977)
  • Dickson, Brenton H. III and Lucas, Homer C., One Town in the American Revolution (Weston: Weston Historical Society, 1976)
  • Donahue, Brian, Reclaiming the Commons: Community Farms and Forests in a New England Town (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999)
  • Fleming, Nancy N., Weston Town Common, A History (privately printed by the Weston Garden Club on the Occasion of Its 50th Anniversary, 1991)
  • Fox, Pamela W. Farm Town to Suburb: The History and Architecture of Weston, Massachusetts, 1830-1980 (2002, Peter Randall Publishers)
  • Gambrill, Howard Jr. and Hambrick-Stowe, Charles, The Tavern and the Tory: The Story of the Golden Ball Tavern (Weston: The Golden Ball Tavern Trust, 1977)
  • Jones, Elmer E., Walks on Weston Conservation Land, A Guide (Weston: Weston Forest and Trail Press, 1999)
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  • Ripley, Emma F., Weston: A Puritan Town (Weston: The Benevolent-Alliance of First Parish Church, 1961).
Other Sources
  • Town of Weston Annual Reports (1859, 1860, school committee only; 1861, school committee and town treasurer; 1862 to present, town report)
  • Town of Weston Birth, Death and Marriage Records (Town Clerk’s Office)
  • Town of Weston Tax Records and Archival Records (Weston Town Hall basement)
  • United States Census Records
  • Weston Historical Society Bulletin, 1964 –
  • Directories, 1887, 1893, and 20th century directories (for full listing see Farm Town to Suburb, p. 642; many available at the Weston Historical Society)
  • Golden Ball Tavern Grapevine, 1970 – (Weston Public Library)
  • New England Historic and Genealogical Register, 1988- (Weston Public Library)
  • Scrapbook of Weston clippings from Waltham newspapers, 1900 – 1920 (Weston Public Library)
  • Town Crier, 1951 to present (Weston Public Library)
  • Town Reporter, 1948 to 1956 (Weston Historical Society has incomplete run)
  • Waltham newspapers beginning in 1863 (on microfilm at Waltham Public Library)
  • Weston High School Yearbooks, 1946 – (Weston Public Library and Weston Historical Society)
  • Weston News Review (incomplete runs, 1933 to 1951, Weston Public Library and Weston Historical Society)