Special Permits

Many of Weston’s properties were created and developed prior to the adoption of the current Zoning By-laws.

Older Properties

These older properties may be deemed to be preexisting, nonconforming structures and/or lots. Although they are “grandfathered,” any property owner seeking to extend, alter, or reconstruct the buildings must petition the Board of Appeals for a Special Permit determination that the proposed addition or change will not be more detrimental to the neighborhood than the existing structure.

Reasons for Special Permits

Special permits may also be granted for a variety of exceptional uses of property as described in the “Use Regulations” section of the Zoning By-law. Special permits are granted for uses that are in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the Zoning By-law and may include conditions, safeguards, and limitations. Examples of special permits include those granting the conversion of a residential dwelling to include an accessory apartment or a structure’s change in use.