Traffic & Sidewalk Committee

With its strategic location at the crossroads of major highways, Weston experiences both local and commuting traffic on the Town roads and on the state roads that pass through Weston. One of the challenges facing Weston is to maintain a safe and efficient road system, while ensuring pedestrian safety and retaining the semi-rural character of the Town.  

Members of this committee are appointed by the Select Board for a term of three years.

Committee Members

  • James A. Doyle, Chair
    Term expires: 2024
    Term expires: 2025
    Term expires
  • Richard Gula
    Term expires: 2026
  • Linda Nelson
    Term expires: 2025
  • Olga Shulman
    Term expires: 2024

Ex Officio Membership

  • Jason Lavoie, Town Engineer
  • Public Works Designee
  • Police Chief Designee
  • Select Board Designee
  • School Superintendent (or Designee)