Housing Production Plan Steering Committee

The committee is charged by the Select Board with overseeing the Town’s process of working with a housing consultant to evaluate affordable housing needs, goals, and strategies, and to draft a recommended housing production plan for affordable housing that will be approved by the Planning Board and the Select Board for submission to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  


The Steering Committee is working with a housing consultant to draft and review a housing production plan for submission to the Department of Housing and Community Development for approval and certification. This plan will be an update to the Town's current Housing Production Plan, which is set to expire on June 26, 2021. 

The updated housing production plan will identify strategies and sites for new affordable housing that will increase the Town’s Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) of eligible housing units by at least 0.50 percent per year, as well as creating Affordable Housing Goals and Strategies for the Town. The plan will include a revised, five-year housing production goal and establish a priority of needs.

Follow Progress

All meetings of the Steering Committee are open to the public. Subscribe to receive email/text notifications of posted meeting agendas and how to participate. Meeting minutes are posted online once they have been approved by the committee.


The temporary committee is made up of five voting members:

  • Sarah Rhatigan, Chair, Affordable Housing Trust Representative
  • Cheryl Alpert, at-large
  • Chris Chandor, at-large
  • Alice Benson, Housing Committee of the Council on Aging Representative
  • Alicia Primer, Planning Board Representative

Harvey Boshart serves as the Select Board liaison to the committee.