Town Meeting Warrants

A Warrant is the agenda used for Town Meeting and the Select Board, working with the Town Manager and Town Counsel, is responsible for setting the warrant. 

The separate items to be discussed and then voted upon are called Articles. Sometimes, a few articles on the warrant are bundled into a Consent Agenda. When this happens, there is no discussion on the individual articles and a single vote is taken for all of the articles within the consent agenda; however, if 10 or more voters ask to hold an article out of the consent agenda, then that article is removed and discussed after the consent agenda vote is taken.

No action can be taken by Town Meeting on any item that is not listed in the Warrant.

Citizens’ Petition

Residents may place an article on the Warrant through a Citizens’ Petition. The Select Board will open the warrant for a period of time to accept these petitioned articles; however, residents do not need to wait until that period is opened to submit a petition. More information on the petition process is detailed on the Request an Article by Petition web page

Past Warrants

An online archive of Town Meeting Warrants starting from the 2006 Annual Town Meeting is available in the Agenda Center. Further, an archive of Town Meeting votes and annual Condensed Town Records are detailed online.