2012 Special Town Meeting Results

The November Special Town Meeting was held at the High School Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. The warrant can be read below and has been mailed to all Weston households. Information regarding how Community Preservation Act funds work can be found under Town Projects, including the CPC applications and public hearing presentations for articles 5 and 6.

Amended Bylaw in Effect
The revised Article I, Section 9 of the town bylaws, which was approved at the May 2012 Annual Town Meeting and subsequently by the Massachusetts Attorney General's office, will be followed:

Section 9
All votes, unless otherwise provided by the laws of the Commonwealth, shall be taken in the first instance by a Yes and No voice vote. If a super-majority vote of Town Meeting is required by law or bylaw and the voice vote is not unanimous, or if the Moderator or any registered voter immediately doubts a voice vote for a simple majority, the Moderator shall call for a standing count in the manner hereinafter prescribed. For any standing count, the Moderator shall first call the voters who appear to be in the minority to stand and be counted, and then call the voters who appear to be in the majority to stand and be counted only to the extent necessary to determine the result of the vote. In lieu of a standing count, the Moderator may call for a vote by ballot.


  • Article 1: Amend Fiscal Year 2013 Operating Budget: Passed by Majority Vote
  • Article 2: Appropriate to Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB Trust): Passed by Majority Vote
  • Article 3: Authorize Revolving Account - Planning Board: Passed by Majority Vote
  • Article 4: Appropriate for Historic Resources: Passed by Majority Vote
  • Article 5: Appropriate for Recreation - Design Fees: Passed by Majority Vote
  • Article 6: Appropriate for Historic Resources - 88 North Avenue: Passed by Majority Vote
  • Article 7: Amend Zoning Bylaw - Replacement Construction This Article was passed over and so disposed of: Unanimous Vote
  • Article 8: Amend Zoning Bylaw - Earth Removal and Movement and General Bylaws: Material Removal Passed by Unanimous Vote

Additional Documents