History of Overrides in Weston

Purpose of Overrides

In order for the Town to increase the tax levy beyond the allowable limits under Proposition 2 1/2, it is necessary for voters to approve an override question, which appears on the ballot at the Town election, the Saturday before Annual Town Meeting in May. If a majority of voters vote yes, the override question is approved. 

Overrides can be used to allow increases in the operating budget (general override) and to exclude debt service costs (debt exclusion) or capital project costs (capital outlay expenditure exclusion).

Weston has approved a number of general overrides and debt exclusions, but no capital outlay expenditure exclusions. Capital outlay expenditure exclusions have not been presented to the voters because money for capital projects is typically borrowed. The advantage of a debt exclusion or capital outlay expenditure exclusion is that the amount excluded does not become part of the base upon which the levy limit is calculated for future years.

Additional Information