Executive Sessions

Executive session may be called for a very limited set of circumstances, including discussions of disciplinary action, collective bargaining, etc.

Criteria for Executive Sessions
In order to move into executive session, certain formalities must be met:
  1. Boards must first convene in open session.
  2. A majority vote of the members present is needed to move into executive session.
  3. The vote of each member to move into executive session must be recorded on a roll call vote and included in the minutes of the meeting.
  4. All votes taken in executive session must be recorded on a roll call as well.
  5. The presiding officer must give the reason for the executive session before it is convened, and indicate whether or not the committee will reconvene after executive session. A common indication is "to return to open session only to adjourn."
Advance Notice to Individuals
Additionally, certain procedures must be followed when convening an executive session. If the board or committee desires to call for an executive session in order to discuss the discipline, character, criminal conduct, etc. of an individual, that individual must be given 48 hours advance notice and be given the opportunity to attend and the opportunity to request that the matter be heard in open session.