Submission Procedures For Site Plan Approval

The submission requirements for Residential Site Plan Approval are detailed in Weston's Zoning By-laws (PDF):

  • Under Section II. and Section V.B.2. c. - for new or replacement construction on a Scenic Road
  • Under Section V.B.2.d. and Section XI - for new or replacement structures under Residential Gross Floor Area (“RGFA”)

Filing Requirements

One completed copy of the Application Form (PDF) and all required submission documents (PDF) and the review ($4,000), filing ($300), and advertising ($50) fees shall be submitted to the Weston Town Planner at the Weston Town Hall. An application will not be reviewed unless accompanied by the fees.

A Certificate of Good Standing (PDF) shall be certified by the Treasurer and submitted to the Town Planner and a Request for a Certified Abutters List (PDF) shall be filed with the Assessor's office.  The Assessor's Office will return the list to the Town Planner.

An application will not be reviewed and public hearing scheduled until all required items have been received and reviewed by both the Town Planner and the consultants. Accordingly, it is highly recommended that submissions be made earlier so that they can be reviewed for completeness. All required submission items must be received by the Weston Town Planner and the Planning Board consultants before the Public Hearing will be scheduled.

Review the Following Prior to Submitting