Annual Town Census

The annual Town Census is mailed to all Weston residents in January of each year. It is entitled "Annual Street Listing." 

This is an important legal document mandated by the General Laws of Massachusetts. Information from the annual census is added to the Commonwealth's Voter Registration Information System (VRIS) in order to maintain accurate voting records. 

Your participation helps the Town maintain its records, helps the School Department make more accurate class projections and better budgeting, keeps your voting registration active, helps prove residency, and allows access to certain Town services.

The form can be downloaded below and dropped off or mailed to the Town Clerk. Call the Town Clerk's Office if you have questions.

Important Message from the Town Clerk's Office:

The 2024 Census will be mailed to all households beginning January 10th, 2024. In this Presidential election year, residents are encouraged to fill them out and return to the Clerk’s office in a timely fashion in order to maintain your active voter status. Registered voters who do not respond to the census/annual street listing by June 1st are considered inactive. Inactive voters are required to complete additional forms and show ID at elections in order to vote. Completing these forms at an election DOES NOT update your census — you MUST return a census form to become active and avoid completing additional forms at future elections.

Thank you for your cooperation!!!

Questions?  Call us at the Clerk’s Office – 781-786-5010

Annual Census Form

Dog Licensing/Renewal

The annual dog license renewal form is included with the Annual Census form. You can renew online or access the renewal form information on the licensing web page.