Detective Unit

The Weston Police Department’s Detective Unit is comprised of four detectives who serve in a variety of capacities.  All of our detectives have advanced college degrees and/or prior military experience, and every Detective has specialized training and experience in their field of expertise.  


The Detective Unit is responsible for the investigation of all major crimes, as well as any incident that requires follow-up investigation. All detectives started their careers at the Weston Police Department as patrol officers for several years prior to their appointment to the Detective Unit. 

Training and Specialization

All of Weston’s Detectives have received extensive training in all areas of investigation, including forensic crime scene investigation techniques, death and homicide investigation, sexual assaults, domestic violence, financial and cyber-crimes, crimes against children and the elderly, burglaries, robbery, criminal mischief, thefts, and other property crimes.   

Our detectives continually strive to educate themselves in the latest technological advances in fighting crime.  More importantly, our detectives know they are the voice for the victims of crime, and that protecting and serving the community are our highest priorities. 

School Resource Officer (SRO)

Officer John Buckley serves Weston’s School Resource Officer (SRO).  SRO Buckley covers the High School, Middle School, and all of the elementary schools - both Public and Private. He not only investigates crimes committed by and against children and young adults, but he also teaches a variety of classes and is an integral part of the school community. 

Police Prosecutor

Lieutenant Mike Forti serves as the Police Prosecutor for the Weston Police in the Waltham District Court. He is responsible for all prosecution and case management of Weston’s cases in conjunction with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.

Regional Drug Task Force

The Detective Unit also has an officer assigned to a regional Drug Task Force, on a part-time basis, who also assists in criminal investigations as well.  All of the Detectives are “cross-trained” in each other’s disciplines and work together to ensure the residents of the Town of Weston receive the highest level of police services and commitment to all cases.