Capital Improvement Plans

Approved Fiscal Year 2020

A Note About Roadway Reconstruction

Weston is in the midst of increased roadway reconstruction to make up for past years’ of insufficient funding for the program. Yes, it is inconvenient but it is a necessity. The end will result in a beautifully paved road with upgraded systems below. Please continue reading to better understand this important infrastructure improvement.

Why so much construction?

  • There has been a steady increase in roadway funding over the last five fiscal years in order to address the overall roadway condition of the town
  • A 2015 pavement management program found that 77% of Weston’s roads were in need of base rehabilitation with 14% needing structural improvements
  • Once roadway condition standards are brought up, preventative maintenance can be used more often to protect the investment

Why does it take so long to complete?

  • Road projects have to be coordinated with gas and water main replacements, as well as drainage/stormwater needs, travel usage, and roadway treatment history
  • New stormwater regulations from the state mean new stormwater engineering and drainage mitigation, which usually requires easements from private properties
  • Weather, availability of supplies, crews, machinery, etc.
  • Fiscal year budget appropriations and state budget appropriations need to be approved and dispersed and sub-contractors need to be hired and scheduled

Why isn’t work conducted at night?

  • Work could be expected at night; however, we’re a very residential community
  • Generally speaking, work is timed in between rush hours
  • Why are detours used?
  • For the safety of crews and the traveling public
  • Emergency crews are considered in the planning and are alerted in advance

How do I know when my road will be paved?

  • Among other items of interest, the DPW publishes a five-year pavement plan, which can be found above
  • View the five-year map above
  • Subscribe to the weekly DPW work updates to get a listing of all road work, including gas main replacements that are coming up in the construction season

Did you know?

  • After roads are paved, they’re protected for 5 years from cutting into the roadway - this means that if you are planning on building on your property and it will involve gas or electricity lines, you’d better look to see when your roadway is scheduled to be paved so you can avoid the moratorium
  • After reconstruction, roads are placed on a maintenance plan such as crack sealing or rubber chip sealing
  • Some of the road construction is not part of the Town’s capital improvement project, such as National Grid gas main replacements