Living at Brook School Apartments

In 1977, Brook School closed and ownership was transferred to the Board of Selectmen, under the aegis of the Elderly Housing Committee. In 1980, renovations to the three Brook School buildings were completed to create rental apartments for seniors who are at least 62 or non-elderly disabled.

In 2004, Building D was added to the complex, built with funds from the Weston Community Preservation Act. Prospective tenants with a Weston affiliation receive preference for these apartments.

Tenant Testimonials

This is what some tenants have to say about living at Brook School Apartments -

“It’s great. You have neighbors that are friendly. You have security. If you have any trouble you have the Fire and Police here right away.“ - 15 year resident

“My family has been in Weston for 50 years. It is an ideal location. It is very pleasant surroundings and a convenient walk to things in Town. Everyone has a story to tell. We’re all here for the same reason to enjoy each other’s company and help each other when we can.“ 13 year resident

“It is a safe place to live. Other senior places are so tiny and these apartments are a good size and not matchboxes. It is well maintained. “ - 11 year resident

“I love it here!“ - 1 year resident

“My family has been in Weston for 5 generations. It is a great location you can walk to the Library and the Center. It is close to everything and a good jumping off point - close to 128 / Route 9 / Mass Pike.“ - 7 year resident

“I like the friendliness between the neighbors and how they watch out for each other. I enjoy the activities on the property and in Weston like the library, C.O.A., the church, etc. I like the communication between the staff and the residents. The apartments are large, clean and I feel safe on the property.“ - 2 year resident

“When I first came here, most were complete strangers but everyone was very welcoming. I have never gone down a corridor and not received a hello. It is a very accepting group that live here.“ - 3 year resident