Fine Free Policy

Libraries across the nation have demonstrated that imposing late fees on patrons is not an effective deterrent to the return of late materials. Instead, it commonly creates barriers to library use. In the interest of overcoming these barriers and providing open access to all our patrons, the Weston Public Library has adopted a fine-free policy with regard to the majority of our materials.

Late Materials

While traditional fines will not accrue, a replacement cost will be charged if an item is not returned within 28 days past the due date. If a lost item is located within 30 days of being paid for by cash or check, patrons may return the item and request a refund of the replacement cost. After this period, materials are the patron's property, and replacement fees will not be refunded. Items paid for online are not eligible for a refund at any time.

Replacements may be accepted for lost or damaged items. Patrons should contact the library directly if they wish to purchase a replacement item in lieu of paying the replacement cost. 

Patrons with charges for items exceeding the maximum amount set by the Minuteman Library Network will have their account blocked until related fees have been paid or have been satisfactorily worked out with the library director/library staff.

If an item is late due to being lost or damaged, patrons should notify the Weston Public Library. Library staff will work with patrons to extend due dates (when possible and within reason) for missing items. 

Excluded Materials

Weston Public Library cannot make policies governing materials belonging to other libraries, this policy does not apply to Interlibrary Loans from other libraries, including those in the Minuteman Library Network.

Electronic Notices

Email, text, or other electronic communication will be sent to patrons to remind them of upcoming due dates and for overdue/billed notices. To ensure you receive these messages, please provide an up-to-date email address and/or sign up for text notifications. Not receiving library notices does not negate the patron’s responsibility for returning library items.

Prior Late Fines

 All late fines existing before the adoption of this policy will be waived. Lost/damaged item charges will remain.

Replacement Library Cards

There will be no charge to replace lost or damaged library cards unless replacement requests become excessive, as determined by Library Administration.

Approved 3/13/2023 by the Weston Public Library Board of Trustees