Water System Master Plan Upgrades & Replacements

Updated November 27, 2023 Water Tank Site Alternatives Analysis Report:

Water Tank Site Alternatives Analysis Report (PDF)

A Plan

In June 2019, a Water System Master Plan was completed by the Town of Weston in conjunction with the consultant, Wright-Pierce. The purpose of the study was to have an independent and comprehensive evaluation of the Town’s water system; including the age and condition of the current water storage tanks and to identify recommendations for improvements to sustain the reliability of the system to meet expected demand conditions and satisfy regulatory requirements over the next 20-year planning period.

Town Initiatives 

The Water System Master Plan determined that under existing conditions, the system has essentially no active storage, and will worsen over time. Currently, Doublet Hill, Cat Rock, and Paines Hill tanks do not adequately serve the residents and are nearing the end of life according to the Water System Master Plan. The water tanks were constructed in 1958 (Paines Hill), 1931 (Doublet Hill), and 1946 (Cat Rock).

In May 2021, the Weston Select Board discussed the need to begin to look at the water tank replacements in Weston.  A working group was established to open a dialogue with several other land use boards and staff to discuss the issue with Water staff explore options with the Town’s consultants and begin a public conversation on the matter.   It was determined that the Town should consider a by-law change and possible funding of the Paine’s Hill water tank replacement as Phase 1 of a multi-year infrastructure improvement project.  As part of those discussions, it became clear that the Town might benefit from having a larger review process to consider siting and appearance issues surrounding the tank replacements.

During the 2022 Annual Town Meeting, Article 27 (Appropriate for Water Tank Replacement) and Article 28 (Amend Zoning By-Laws - Municipal Utility Structure Standards), did not pass with the required votes.

Weston Water Tank Project and FAQ's (updated 04/27/23)

Water Master Plan

After Weston’s water tanks nearly ran dry during the drought of 2016, Town management became aware that a review of its water infrastructure was in order. Voters at Town Meeting in May, 2018 authorized funding for an independent and comprehensive review of the Town’s water system. This review, a Water Master Plan, was presented to the Town by Wright-Pierce, Engineers, in the spring of 2019.  The Water Master Plan analyzed our existing water system and infrastructure (including pipes, pump stations, tanks, and water source), and made recommendations to ensure that the infrastructure and system could supply adequate water to the Town for the next 20 years and beyond.  The Water Master Plan can be read in its entirety here

The Town continues to work with Wright-Pierce and plans to have an updated proposal for the May 2023 Annual Town Meeting.

The Select Board held three open forums (via Zoom) on the need to replace and upgrade our water tanks. The videos can be accessed 


Check out the recent video created for why water tanks are needed:

Weston Water Tank Project: Why We Need It

Paines Hill Water Tank (1958)

Current condition of Paines Hill Water Tank Weston

Doublet Hill Water Tank (1931)

Doublet hill water tank

Cat Rock Water Tank (1946)

cat rock water tank