FY 2022 CPA Projects & Town Meeting Articles

Community Preservation Committee Recommendations for FY22 CPA Funding at Annual Town Meeting


1) $250,000 for Memorial Pool (Rehabilitation of Recreational Land)

Further Information (October 26, 2020 CPC Public Hearing):

2) $75,000 for Burchard Park (Rehabilitation of Recreational Land) 

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3) $400,00 for Ash Street Walkway (Creation of Recreational Land)

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Community Housing

4) $38,000 for Regional Housing Services Office & Housing Trust Staff Support (Support of  Community Housing)

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5) $1,020,000 for 8-10 Birch Lane (Creation of Community Housing)

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Open Space

6) $3,215 for Case Estates' Trees (Preservation of Open Space)

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Total FY22 Funds Requested: $1,786,215