2021 Annual Town Meeting

Annual Town Meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 15th on Proctor Field at Weston High School and was adjourned at 4:58 p.m.. Results for each article can be found below.

Find a description and process on the Town Meeting Procedure web page. The Warrant (meeting agenda) has been mailed to every household and it is also available online in a PDF.

Know the Issues

Per tradition, a list of all warrant articles can be found below with links to additional information, such as past meetings or presentations. This is prepared for each Town Meeting to help voters be informed about an item to aid in discussion and subsequent voting. Due to proceedings occurring outside this year, there will be no visual presentations at Town Meeting. Weston Media Center has once again stepped forward to help us out by recording presentation videos for certain warrant articles. Links to the individual articles can be found below, next to the pertaining article. The entire collection can be found on Weston Media Center's Video on Demand service.

2021 Warrant and Budget Book

Article Meeting Results Presentations/Additional Information
Article 1: Town Election   WestonMA.gov/TownElection

Article 2: FY22 Operating Budget Passed by Majority Vote WestonMA.gov/Budget
Consent Agenda: Articles 3 - 21
Article 3 - Amend FY 21 Budget
Article 4 - OPEB Trust Fund
Article 5 - Accept Ch. 90 Road Funds
Article 6 - Approve Property Tax Deferral Income limits
Article 7 - FY22 Water Enterprise Budget
Article 8 - Water Main Rehabilitation
Article 9 - FY22 Recreation Enterprise Budget
Article 10 - FY22 Brook School Apts. Enterprise Budget
Article 11 - FY22 Public Access Operations
Article 12 - Dept. Revolving Funds
Article 13 - Special Act Amending Authority of Commissioners of Trust Funds
Article 14 - Operating Capital Items
Article 15 - Drainage Improvements
Article 16 - WHS F-Wing Roof Replacement/Repair
Article 17 - Fire Pumper
Article 18 - FY22 CPC Operating Budget (CPA)
Article 19 - Appropriate for Community Housing (CPA)
Article 20 - RHSO & Housing Trust Staff (CPA)
Article 21 - Case Estates Tree Preservation (CPA)
Passed by 2/3rds Majority Vote Articles in a consent agenda are taken under one vote unless there is a request from at least 10 voters to remove an article from the consent agenda so it may be heard and voted upon separately

Consent Agenda Primer Presentation Video

See Budget Book above and the Warrant for additional details on these consent articles

Articles 19 - 21 are CPA Fund requests. Applications, presentations and public hearing videos can be found on the FY22 CPA Projects & Town Meeting web page

Article 22: High School/Middle School Campus Master Plan Study Passed by Majority Vote HS/MS Campus Study Video Presentation
Article 23: Creation of Affordable Housing at 8-10 Birch Lane Passed by Majority Vote Birch Lane Housing Video Presentation
Article 24: Walkway on Ash Street Motion Failed
Article 25: Burchard Park Rehabilitation Passed by Majority Vote see FY2022 CPA Projects & Town Meeting web page for presentations and meeting video
Article 26: Memorial Pool Rehabilitation Design Fees Passed by Majority Vote see FY2022 CPA Projects & Town Meeting web page for presentations and meeting video
Article 27: Estb. Parcel Boundaries on Case Estates Passed by 2/3rds Majority Vote Presentation (PDF)
Article 28: Conveyance of Louisa's Wall Parcel at Case Estates Motion Failed Presentation (PDF)
Article 29: Conveyance of Two Parcels at Case Estates Passed by 2/3rds Majority Vote Presentation (PDF)
Articles 30 - 33: Zoning By-law and Zoning Map Amendments at Riverside Road

Articles 30 & 32 will be passed over
Article 30 - Passed Over

Article 31 - Passed by 2/3rds Majority Vote

Article 32 - Passed Over

Article 33 - Passed by 2/3rds Majority Vote

Article 34: Citizens' Petition Passed by Majority Vote Citizens' Petition Video Presentation