2020 Annual Town Meeting


Town Meeting Dissolved

The 2020 Annual Town Meeting received a total of 295 voters and was dissolved at 4:35 p.m. Results are listed in the table located below.

The Annual Town Meeting is typically held in May but it was postponed due to uncertainty from the growing public health concerns surrounding the coronavirus, as well as economic uncertainty that could impact the fiscal year 2021 operating budget.

With more clarity and guidance from the state, the Select Board called for an outdoor meeting to be held on Saturday, September, 12th at 3:00 p.m. on Proctor Field at the Weston High School.

Warrant (Agenda) - Know the Issues

The Town Meeting Warrant and Budget Book was mailed to every household. The Warrant is also available online and the recommended budget with accompanying reports can be found at Weston.org/Budget.

All articles appearing in the warrant are listed below with additional information, including the presentations. No visual presentations were displayed during Town Meeting and voters were encouraged to refer to the materials below during the meeting.

Motions Made at Town Meeting

Typically, the motions that are made for each article within the warrant is displayed behind the speaker at Town Meeting. Since visual displays were not available at this Town Meeting, the motions were made available online in advance to view during the meeting or to print off and bring to Town Meeting.

New to Town Meeting?

Refer to the Brief Guide to Town Meeting Procedures (PDF) for the basics of Town Meeting, as well as the Every Vote Counts (PDF) pamphlet.

Warrant Article Result Additional Information & Presentations
1. Town Election & Ballot   Weston.org/TownElection
WMC recording of LWV Candidates' Night from Aug. 27th
2. FY21 Operating Budget Motion 1 - Passed by Majority Vote
Motion 2 - Passed Unanimously
Weston.org/Budget - to find FY21 budget documents
Select Board - Budget Presentation (PDF)
Finance Committee - Budget Presentation Video
Finance Committee - Budget Presentation (PDF)
School Committee - Budget Presentation Video
School Committee - Budget Presentation (PDF)
3 - 23. Consent Agenda:
3. Community Housing (CPC)
4. Retained Earnings for the Water Enterprise Fund
5. OPEB Trust Fund
6. Accept Ch. 90 Funds
7. Approve Property Tax Deferral Income Limits
8. FY21 Water Enterprise Budget
9. Water Main Rehabilitation
10. Water Distribution Master Plan
11. FY21 Recreation Enterprise Budget
12. FY21 BSA Enterprise Budget
13. FY21 Public Access Operations
14. Rescind Bond Authorization
15. Funds for Historical Commission
16. Operating Capital Items
17. Drainage Improvements
18. South Side Drainage Improvements
19. Network Improvements
20. FY21 CPC Operating Budget
21. CPA: Phase 3 Cemetery Restoration
22. CPA: RHSO and Staff Support
23. CPA: Emergency Rental Assistance Program
The whole Passed by 2/3rds Majority Vote In a consent agenda, all articles will be taken under one vote
unless there is a request from at least 10  people to remove an article so it can be heard and voted upon separately.

24. Active Adult Residential Cluster Development Zoning By-law Passed by 2/3rds Majority Vote Article 24Text of the Zoning By-law Amendment (PDF) with track changes
Articles 24 & 25 - Summary of Articles (PDF)
25. Active Adult Residential Cluster Development Concept Plan Passed by 2/3rds Majority Vote Article 25Concept Plans (PDF)
26. Municipal Purpose Use Communication By-law Passed over and disposed of this article will be passed over and not heard
27. Citizens' Petition: General Order on Federal Immigration Enforcement Defeated by Majority Vote Refer to the Warrant