Surveying and GIS

Surveying Conservation Land

The Commission continues its work of surveying the property boundaries of most of the land under its care and control. This ongoing project clarifies the limits of the private land that abuts the conservation land in town. The Commission has discovered a number of minor encroachments onto Conservation Land and has established a Policy for Responding to Encroachments (PDF) as well as producing an Encroachments FAQ (PDF).

GIS MapsOnline

Our online mapping service is a very useful tool, especially in determining wetland borders. MapsOnline provides a wide variety of different data layers, including Parcels, Buildings, Streets, Driveways, Parking, Sidewalks, Trails, Fences, Water  Bodies, Topography, Conservation and Recreation land, Easements, FEMA Flood Hazard areas, and Zoning. And, it is also quite helpful in finding your location with Trails Online when wandering around on Weston’s trail system.