Agricultural Activities

Case 40-Acre Field

The Conservation Commission assists with the stewardship of the Case Estate’s Forty Acre Field, which was purchased by the town for municipal purposes from Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum in 1986. This area has been managed for the Commission by Land’s Sake, a nonprofit, community service organization that was awarded the Community Farming and Education Contract by the town. 

Services include operating an organic farm, providing produce to the needy, maintaining Conservation land in Weston, as well as providing education and employment for young people in Weston. The Commission supports Land’s Sake’s involvement with environmental education projects which are conducted with the School Department. 

Vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit are provided for sale at a farm stand or on a pick-your-own basis. Maintenance of this area continues with brush clearing, mowing, walking path upkeep, and tree work. 

Apple Orchard - Concord Road

Land’s Sake also continues to maintain the apple orchard on Concord Road. In 2009, with the help from volunteers and an Eagle Scout, several new fruit tree seedlings were planted.

Maple Syrup Project

The Commission’s popular maple syrup project continues at the Bill McElwain Sugar House at the Middle School under the education contract awarded to Land’s Sake. 

Each winter, Land’s Sake installs approximately 400 taps in 200 trees throughout town and teach Middle School students the maple sugaring process and sustainable forestry management.

Green Power Farm

The Green Power Farm project continues to be a vital part of the town’s agricultural activities. This project is administered and paid for by the Conservation Commission and managed by Land’s Sake

Many resident children and teenagers participate in this program and receive a practical introduction to organic farming and gardening, cooking with the produce, caring for chickens and rabbits, as well as distributing produce to those who needed it. 

Community Garden - Merriam Street

Weston Community Gardens offers garden lots for summer rental and has new policies in place effective for 2015. Please visit the Weston Community Gardens web page for more information.

The Community Gardens is on Municipal Purposes land and managed by the Weston Conservation Commission. The Commission can be reached via email at conservation [at] or by phone at 781-786-5068.