Hazard Mitigation Plan

Weston’s Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) has been updated to incorporate the results of a vulnerability assessment developed as part of the state’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) grant program and in accordance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines. The purpose of the Plan is to recommend actions and policies for the Town aimed at reducing the social and economic losses resulting from natural hazards. 

Plan Overview

The MVP additions to Weston’s HMP are focused on enhancing Weston’s resilience to a changing climate. While all four hazards identified through the MVP process were also included in the HMP update process, the MVP lens looks at both past trends and future projections, based on climate science.

Looking at past natural events, the town is vulnerable to a number diverse occurrences including severe winter storms, hurricanes, flooding, brushfires, drought, and extreme temperatures. The discussion puts the likelihood of these events into historical perspective and recognizes that although the probability of thunderstorms and lightning events may be higher, the intensity and potential impacts from less likely events such as hurricanes can be far greater.

Risk Assessment

This portion of the plan confirms that the Town has much to lose from these events. The identified vulnerabilities include flood prone drainage systems and infrastructure, bridges, water supply systems, dams, critical municipal hazard response facilities, populations, businesses, schools, recreation facilities, natural, and historic resources.


To address these risks, the updated plan needs to put forth a clear mission, a distinct set of goals, and 19 specific mitigation actions. The Town’s hazard mitigation mission is to create sustainable economic growth by limiting losses to lives, property, and natural resources/systems. This mitigation strategy is adopted by the Town of Weston to present actions which help protect its citizens, visitors, businesses and property from the effects of various hazards.


To implement the plan, important goals must be met. The Town should protect public health, reduce property damages, minimize social dislocation, reduce economic losses, protect ongoing operations of critical facilities, reduce the dependence and need for disaster assistance, and expedite disaster recovery efforts.