Committee Charge


The Traffic and Sidewalk Committee (TSC) was created to provide the Select Board with planning responses to specific issues and periodic evaluation of and recommendations regarding measures that are considered to meet the evolving traffic conditions and pedestrian safety needs of the Town of Weston:

  • Public transit options
  • Roadway improvements and changes
  • Sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Signage and lighting
  • Signals
  • Traffic calming measures


The Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with Weston’s representatives on regional traffic and mass transit review committees
  • Developing more detailed traffic studies and plans (including master plans and mitigation plans) at the request of the Select Board
  • Establishing a new construction priority list for sidewalk/footpath/crosswalk projects and preparing cost estimates for the projects heading that list
  • Evaluation of sidewalks, footpaths, crosswalks, and other pedestrian infrastructure throughout Weston to meet safety standards and current and anticipated educational, recreational, and commercial needs, as well as ADA requirements
  • Evaluation, as requested by the Select Board of new or changes to existing signage, traffic signals or lighting to understand the options and the impacts on vehicular mobility and pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Evaluation, as requested by the Select Board of the impacts and options for new roadways or changes to existing roads on vehicular mobility, and bicycle and pedestrian safety
  • Receiving and evaluating, as requested by the Select Board, sidewalk and vehicular traffic concerns or proposals raised by residents, schools and merchants, and, where appropriate providing recommendations with cost estimates
  • Review of sidewalk maintenance and repair priorities established by the DPW


The TSC will report at least once annually to the Select Board on pending committee work, plans and goals. Commensurate with its advisory role, the TSC shall not publicly advocate as a committee for specific projects unless requested to do so by the Board.

Further, a TSC representative will brief a Select Board member and the Director of the Department of Public Works after each meeting in an effort to coordinate TSC projects with the DPW’s.

Membership & Appointment

The committee consists of:

  • 5 citizens with experience/training or interest in traffic management, pedestrian safety, roadway development, traffic mitigation, public transit, bicycling, or other related areas.
  • Representative of Weston business community
  • Superintendent of Schools or designee (ex officio)
  • The Chief of Police or designee (ex officio)
  • The Town Engineer (ex officio)