Adopt a Fire Hydrant

When fire hydrants are cleared out after a snow fall, it can save first-responders invaluable time in potentially life-saving emergencies. Now, residents can help by adopting a hydrant in which they will be responsible for clearing after a snow fall.keep them clear
The steps to adopt are simple (picture instructions are further below):

  1. Visit the Weston Fire Department Adopt a Hydrant web page
  2. Zoom in to your neighborhood or search for an address by expanding the Find tab on the left. In the "address" field, start typing your street name and select the street when it appears in the drop-down list. Repeat this for the address number. The map will then zoom to your neighborhood.
  3. Click on the Adopt a Hydrant button on the right and then click any RED hydrant to adopt it. Green hydrants have already been adopted.
  4. Enter your information in the pop-up form and click “update.”

Note: If the pop-up form doesn’t appear, make sure to enable pop-ups for this MapsOnline website in your internet browser settings.

The user will receive a confirmation email following the process. We will archive the data annually, and re-post annually with blank data in the fall. This will allow residents to either discontinue their participation (by not signing up again) and also help us maintain the database with current information (e.g. if residents move).

hydrant map
adopt hydrant screen