Benefits to Weston

As a result of the Gas Infrastructure Audit, the Town of Weston benefits in four key ways:

  1. The accurate map of all current gas leaks – location, size, and condition – can be used as input into a repair and maintenance strategy working with our gas service provider National Grid.
  2. The mis-classified gas leaks can be expedited for repair
  3. All “Significant Environmental Impact” leaks will be prioritized for repair within 12 months to 2 years under new DPU regulations. This will positively impact Weston’s greenhouse gas footprint.
  4. Any investment in green infrastructure, like planting trees in the Town Center redesign project, or maintaining your private landscape, can be evaluated for any potential gas leak issues.

In addition, members of the Sustainable Weston Action Group, have shared the results of the audit with other communities, are working with local non-profits to integrate our data into state-wide research on greenhouse gas emissions, and testified at a DPU hearing on the measurement of lost and unaccounted-for gas.