2017-2018 Work

The firm of Baker Wohl Architects was selected by the Permanent Building Committee (PBC), after the 2017 Town Meeting appropriation for design and engineering funds in order to provide design services for the Josiah Smith Tavern re-use project. 

The first step for the architect was to complete a thorough evaluation and assessment of the JST’s condition and advise the PBC on what it would take to get the entire building/complex up to code and construct the project (see the recommended reuse web page). The cost estimate included hard construction costs, professional services, or “soft” costs, such as architectural and engineering fees, and other normal contingencies.

The $10 - 11 million construction estimate provided in the February report below was higher than the 2015 estimate, which prompted a thorough review and comparison between the 2015 and February estimates. That cost comparison is below.

It is important to understand that the JST must be brought up to code for any public use, not just the preferred reuse. The cost estimate does not include the build-out of the barn as a restaurant (the preferred reuse) since the restaurateur will be responsible for bringing that portion of the complex up to restaurant-ready code. 

February 2018 Report and Construction Estimate

The architect's 253-page February 2018 report can be viewed in its entirety below:

April 2018 Cost Comparisons

Since the issuance of the above report, the PBC has been working with the design team, the former chairs of the JST/OL Working Group and the Facilities Director to thoroughly review and define the construction cost of the project. Below is a cost comparison of what was projected in 2015, what was estimated in the architect's February 2018 report above, and what the PBC has further distilled as the anticipated construction fund request at a future Town Meeting. This estimate is just under $9.4 million:

Under "Notes," item 4 speaks to cost estimates if the entire building was built out by the Town for non-profit space only. That version would add another 5% in construction costs the Town would need to assume; however, the preferred reuse calls for the barn portion to be built out and funded by the restauranteur.

Additional Design Funds

The funds for the design and engineering fees by Baker Wohl for the adaptive reuse of the JST was approved by the 2017 Annual Town Meeting. That amount was $630,000 from the Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds. An additional $200,000 in CPA funds was requested and approved at 2018 Annual Town Meeting in order to complete the design work, produce bid documents, and secure construction bids. 

The construction fund request is anticipated to come to the December 3, 2019 Special Town Meeting