Conservation Land Use Rules & Regulations

The Conservation Commission has established rules and regulations to ensure that Weston’s conservation lands are managed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Conservation Commission Act (M.G.L. Chapter 40, section 8C) and the Mission of Weston’s Conservation Commission, whereas the Commission shall endeavor: 

  1. to preserve open space for the enjoyment of the community
  2. to protect water, land, animal and plant natural resources for the health of the environment
  3. to manage Conservation Land in a sustainable manner
  4. to educate the community about natural resources and the role of human stewardship
  5. to encourage community participation in town conservation issues

Conservation Land Use in General Terms

The land use rules and regulations allow activities that do not harm natural resource values and functions and do not interfere with natural resource processes, wildlife, wildlife habitat, or passive public enjoyment of the land. Activities that harm or interfere with these values, processes, or passive public enjoyment are prohibited, including but not limited to:

  • cutting, removing, defacing, or otherwise damaging trees, shrubs, flowers, fungus, grass or other flora
  • depositing litter, yard waste, garbage, brush, excavated fill or any hazardous waste
  • motorized vehicles, such as dirt bikes and snowmobiles

Trail Use in General Terms

The trails are open to the public for recreational use and for the enjoyment of all. Respect for other users is expected, as is the "leave no trace behind" when using the trails.


  • Stay on the fire roads as sown on the trail map
  • Riding is discouraged on hillsides and in wet weather when the ground is soft

Dog Walking

  • Dogs must be leashed or under voice control at all times
  • Except for commercial dog walkers, persons walking more than three dogs must leash all of the dogs
  • Dog waste must be cleaned up and removed

Horseback Riding

  • Riding is discouraged in wet weather when the ground is soft

Policies and Regulations in Full