Upcoming Topics of Interest

With an eye to the future, the Sustainability Committee continues to collect ideas and inspiration for future projects and collaborations.

Pesticides and Herbicides on Public and Recreation Land

This topic is frequently brought up by residents, and the Sustainability Committee is interested to work with or support several other interested town groups and stake holders (e.g., Conservation Commission, Department of Public Works, Planning Board, Sustainable Weston Action Group) to develop a unified strategy with actionable goals. 

Collaboration with Weston Public Schools 

The Sustainability Committee has engaged with the Weston Public Schools; for example, by volunteering to present our local work on Climate Change to a High School class and by inviting High School students to participate in the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness planning process. 

The Committee is interested in broadening our cooperation with the schools to provide more educational opportunities, be they related to ongoing town sustainability projects or stand-alone approaches. 

Municipal Electric Vehicles

The Sustainability Committee is interested in learning more about grant opportunities to incorporate electric vehicles in Weston’s fleet of vehicles.

Tree Management

The Sustainability Committee is interested in collaborating with the Tree Advisory Group and the Planning Board on the topic of tree management as it pertains to the Committee’s stated goals of reducing our climate impact as well as increasing our climate resiliency.