Project Background

The Town Center Improvement Project was initially driven by the need to replace the gas mains running through the center of town. The Board of Selectmen, realizing that the Post Road would need to be reconstructed as a result of National Grid’s gas work, as well as the need to address deferred infrastructure reconstruction, created the Town Center Planning Committee to consider other physical improvements more holistically, including the design and appearance of this important and historical area.

The 2016 Special Town Meeting voted to approve design and engineering fees for the Town Center's Master Plan concept. The 2017 Annual Town Meeting approved the funds for the design and engineering fees to bury the utility lines and poles. Lastly, the March 2018 Special Town Meeting approved the construction funds.

These Town Meeting approvals allowed for the concepts shown on the "Historical Context" page and  "Project Views" page to move forward for further development. The contract with the construction company, P. Gioioso & Sons, was executed in May 2019 allowing the anticipated two-year construction project to begin in June 2019.

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