Projects and Planning News

Here's what's going on in long-range planning at the Town, Region, and State levels, as well as a selection of Planning Resources, including:

Traffic and Transportation

Traffic and Transportation Study Recommendations (PDF) - following the Traffic Survey, TransAction Associates delivered the summary results and service recommendations to the Town. Proposed services will be revisited once the COVID-19 public health emergency is over. Curious as to how the coronavirus is affecting public transit use? This online public transit tracker displays real-time demand.

As traffic congestion continues to worsen, the Planning Board is exploring solutions that Weston can implement. Its findings can be found in the study below and residents are encouraged to add and discuss ideas on how to improve traffic in Weston in an online discussion.

Transportation Resources

  • This video from City Lab has some interesting traffic ideas but mostly I like it for its explanation of induced demand.
  • Governor's Report on the Future of Transportation
  • T4MA - A Massachusetts Transit advocacy group

Water Usage

Water Working Group - this group was formed in 2017 to address the high per capita water use in Weston. Following an analysis of the Town's waster usage history (PDF), the group is now looking to formulate policies and programs that will reduce water usage in the interest of sustaining both the regional and local water resources, avoidance of additional infrastructure costs, and achieving associated related environmental benefits.

MetroCommon 2050

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is now creating the next regional plan for Greater Boston. Its called MetroCommon 2050 and it will cover traffic congestion, the rising cost of housing, our changing climate, equity of wealth and health, and efficient government. The MAPC wants to hear from residents within the greater Boston area what they want the region to be like in 2050. Learn more about MetroCommon 2050 and add your thoughts to the MAPC discussion.

MPO LogoDestination 2040

The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is creating their long range plan Destination 2040, which will guide the investment of Federal transit money for the state. You can submit comments on their website for the Needs Assessment and Universe of Projects.