Zoning Requirements

All structures are subject to the following requirements based on their Zoning District and year built:
  District A District B District C District D
Minimum lot area in sq. ft. 60,000 40,000 30,000 20,000
Minimum street frontage and minimum lot width at street setback line 250 ft. 200 ft. 175 ft. 150 ft.
Minimum setback from street 60 ft. 50 ft. 40 ft. 30 ft.
Minimum setback from street center line 85 ft. 75 ft. 65 ft. 55 ft.
Minimum setback from lot line 45 ft. 35 ft. 25 ft. 20 ft.
A lot shown on a plan endorsed by the Planning Board before May 13, 1997 or a lot for which a separated deed has been recorded before said date, and which was otherwise in compliance with this by-law when so endorsed or recorded, shall be deemed to comply with the minimum street frontage and lot width requirements of the by-law, if it has a street frontage and lot width of a least 200 ft. in the Single Family Residence District A, 150 ft. in District B, 125 ft. in District C, and 100 ft. in District D.

Zoning By-law of the Town of Weston

Districts are available in a layer on the Town's GIS MapsOnline and also on this Zoning Map (PDF).