Other Buildings on the Farm

The Barn Complex, painted red, includes both gable-and gambred-roof sections with distinctive cupolas, as well as a silo, which is one of the most prominent and picturesque features of the farm. . . The barn complex is composed of three sections, one behind the other, and angling slightly off to the north. The entire structure is clapboarded-clad, trimmed with cornerboards and fascia, and sits on a fieldstone foundation. The front part is gable-roofed and faces a gable end, with double door and transom, to the street. This form is typical of the mid-19th century, a date further reflected in its interior paneled doors. Visible framing members reveal empty joist pockets and mortises, pointing to reuse and an earlier (possibly 18th century) construction date. Directly behind the front gable-roof secction is a gambrel-roof section with its own double entry approached by a granite-sided uphill slope. Fenestration of all three sections is irregular, but generally consists of either 6/6 double hung sash or fixed six-pane lights.The Farmer’s Cottage . . .was constructed in 1917 to the designs of noted Colonial Revival architect Joseph Everett Chandler. Physical investigation and oral history indicate that is was assembled from existing outbuidings on the farm. While the front portion may have been newy constructed in 19917, the portions extending behind it were probably a smokehouse and a carriagehouse. Both show evidence of used framing members, including shouldered posts.