Open Space and Recreation Plan

Weston's Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee completed the 2017 Weston Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) in June of 2017. The OSRP will help to guide decisions regarding the use, acquisition, and management of Weston’s treasured open spaces, conservation areas, recreation facilities, and natural resources over the next seven years.  

The OSRP received approval from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, which means that Weston is now eligible for state grants to help fund open space and recreation projects and programs

Hard copies are available for viewing in the Land Use Department and Town Manager’s Office (Town Hall), Recreation Department (Community Center), and Weston Public Library.

What is the Purpose of the Plan?

The OSRP serves as a tool to help Weston to maintain and improve its green infrastructure, such as conservation land, trails, working farms and forests, wildlife habitat, streams and ponds, parks, playing fields and courts, and swimming facilities. Planning for this green infrastructure is as important to the economic future of a community as is planning for schools, roads, and wastewater infrastructure.

Highlights of the 2017 OSRP Include: 

  • an inventory of Weston’s open spaces and recreation facilities
  • a 7-year action plan based on 5 overarching goals 
  • descriptions of key open space and recreational resources 
  • background on the community’s natural resources and conservation history
  • an evaluation of how Weston’s open spaces and recreation facilities serve people with disabilities
The OSRP Committee worked for 2 years with the public, Town staff, and various related committees to gather input as they prepared the OSRP. A consultant, Conservation Works LLC, conducted two visioning sessions and a town-wide survey as part of the public outreach process. The report is available online for residents to review:

Next Step

The OSRP Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed their input and effort to completing the OSRP as well as to encourage members of the community to check out the OSRP.

In October 2018, we accomplished one of the objectives in the OSRP, to host an Open Spaces and Recreation Forum to help those working on overlapping projects to better connect and support each other. Notes from the meeting are available in the online in the Minutes and Agenda Center. A video of the event, provided by the Weston Media Center, is available online.

Members of the community who would like to get involved with any of the OSRP’s Action Items can contact Emily Schadler, Conservation Stewardship Program Coordinator (contact information is above, right).