Firearms Licensing

Firearms Identification Card (FID)

Residents must have an FID in order to purchase, possess, or transport a rifle or shotgun that is not a large-capacity gun; to purchase or possess ammunition or component parts of ammunition; and to purchase or possess defense sprays for anyone age 15-17, a license for which is not required for ages 18 and older.

License to Carry (LTC)

Residents must have a License to Carry Firearms in order to purchase, possess, or transport a handgun, large capacity rifle, or large-capacity shotgun. The License to Carry Firearms also authorizes a person to purchase, possess, or transport all guns and materials that would be covered by an FID.  The LTC is the only license that allows the concealed carrying of firearms.

Where to Apply for an LTC or FID

Please call the station to request an appointment with the firearms permitting officer.  Do not leave any paperwork at the Weston Police station. Read HERE about the application, process, restrictions, and renewals. 

New Residents

The law exempts new residents from the state licensing requirement only for 60 days. However, one may not transport any firearm, rifle, or shotgun during that 60-day period, as the exemption is only for possession in the home while applying for the necessary license(s).

FID and LTC Application Information

  • Applicants must be 21 years of age or older to apply for a LTC and 18 years of age (or 15 with parental permission) to apply for an FID card
  • Strict eligibility requirements apply and thorough background checks will be conducted
  • The fee for an FID or LTC card is $100
  • The FID and LTC cards are valid for six years
  • There is now NO REQUIREMENT to have any type of license for a person over the age of 18 who wishes to carry chemical spray, such as Mace or pepper spray. For persons under the age of 18 (minimum of 15), a restricted FID card is required

Application for FID Card or LTC

Download the state’s LTC/FID Application (PDF) from the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety and Security.